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We Are:

Our Dashboard, built with Microsoft’s SharePoint® system, is a single sign-on portal enabling us to integrate any or all of your users’ applications into a tailored home page. For those applications that use eAuthentication, we interface directly. For other applications, GDC Integration, Inc. has an Application Program Interface (API).

Our highly experienced developers create high volume, high security web applications using the most effective, industry-standard processes, techniques, and tools.

Process Reengineers
GDC Integration examines business processes and mechanisms to identify improvement opportunities in existing or changed workflow and automation solutions.

Hosting Service
GDC Integration hosting provides safe and secure web and storage facilities with established maintenance and growth processes, and complete environmental and system redundancy. We can also provide a “warm site” backup solution for many of your applications.

GDC Integration provides state of the art software architecture and security for our clients. Our system provides maximum capacity and security while maintaining ease of access.

We Provide:

Systems Integration with eAuthentication

  • Dashboard single sign-on portal.
  • Systems staff.
  • Quality Assurance monitoring and support processes.
  • Quality Control test planning and execution.
  • Project development.
  • Implementation.


Web Development

  • New web sites and applications.
  • Migration of existing applications.
  • Upgrade to existing web sites.


Process Reengineering

  • Workflow evaluation and documentation.
  • Process improvement recommendations.
  • Automation tools and techniques.


Infinite Hosting Capacity

  • Equipment
  • Secure Internet capability
  • Back Up
  • Disaster recovery


Very High Service Levels

  • Virtually flawless customer support on 24/7 basis.