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Labor and Employee Relations (LERIS)

Labor Employee Relations Information System (LERIS) is a state-of the-art case management and reporting application specifically designed to meet the needs of the Labor and Employee Relations Specialist, Managers, Policy Administrators and Executive Leadership for Federal Departments/Agencies. The application is securely accessed from an Internet browser allowing users the flexibility to monitor case activity and associated documents from anywhere around the globe, at the click of a button – 24/7.

Standard functionality includes:

  • Labor relations activity
  • Employee grievance activity
  • Performance management
  • Exception reporting
  • Consolidation of documentation
  • Activity monitoring
  • Specific Department/Agency process such as proposal letters
  • Case reporting
  • And much more…


To learn more about LERIS, our technology and/or security practices, call us at 314-621-1866 or email sales@gdcii.com.