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Paycheck8 is a Time, Attendance and Leave application specifically designed to meet the unique T&A reporting requirements for Federal Government. The application is securely accessed with an Internet browser, allowing users the flexibility to enter time, attendance and leave details 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Paycheck8’s system design, functionality, and architecture serve as an industry benchmark for superior performance.

Paramount  Benefits:

  • Improve Payroll Accuracy
  • Improve Efficiency – eliminate waste and redundancies; no need for a Timekeeper or a Clerk
  • Improve Time Management – immediate access to the data you need
  • Improve Communication – customizable alert messages and email communications
  • All inclusive pricing – ask us for details!


Functionality includes:

  • Time & Attendance and Time Variance reporting, including Overtime
  • Leave Balances and Leave Donation
  • Leave and Premium Pay Requests
  • Approvals & Access Privileges
  • Detailed Reports


Paycheck8 is designed to adapt to each Agency’s or Departments unique business rules/roles and can be configured to changes in procedures or protocols. To learn more about Paycheck8, our Technology and/or Security practices, call us at 314-621-1866 or email sales@gdcii.com